The Weather

The majority of the sources for Burra weather rely on the weather station in Clare but, according to the graph below showing the comparative rainfall in Adelaide, Clare and Burra for as many years as there are historic records, the annual rainfall in Clare is considerably more than the rainfall in Burra or even Adelaide.

There are no Bureau of Meteorology records for the annual temperatures in Burra.

So, if you are planning a trip to Burra, please don't be put off by a forecast of clouds and rain! Unless, that is, you also want to spend a day in Clare.

A panoramic view of the 1915 flood at Aberdeen (Burra North).
Heavy rain in April brought down the Burra Creek and carried away the footbridges.
Collection of Ian Auhl

Annual Rainfall Compared between:

This graph has been created from figures available from the Bureau of Meteorology, using Google Charts.

Where the rainfall records are incomplete for even one day the entire year's rainfall figures are null. There are, therefore, gaps in the recent graph though the overall trend can still be seen. The figures for Clare rainfall were taken from Clare's Hill River Station until 1995 when Clare High School began keeping the more regular records.